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Here at iSOA group, we take pride in the fact that we have successfully undertaken a variety of unique and complex projects that span many different industries.  Being able to adapt our solutions to many different and individual business needs is what has enabled us to produce tangible, bottom line results.  Please view the tabs on the left to read more about the range of projects that we have successfully completed and for DataPower specific cases see below.  If our examples do not directly match your area of business do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we have done and what we can do for you!

DataPower Case Studies

High Availability and Disaster Recovery using IBM WebSphere DataPower

This solution was designed to meet the business requirements of the customer to reduce the downtime and the recovery time to a base minimum and obtain better control over the systems during outages. ... more

State Government: Secure .NET Integration

DataPower was used to front the Oracle ESB to add WS Security 1.1 standards for encryption and Digital Certificate for the Web Service calls coming from .NET applications from different counties in the state... more

Clinical Laboratory: Multi-Protocol HL7 Integration

For this project, DataPower was used Message Broker and an FTP client to pick up raw HL7 V2 messages, and pass it through the MQ Distribution Center to transform the HL7 V2 document to a different version... more

Clinical Laboratory: High Throughput Stateless ESB

Our client interfaced with many of its vendors through an enterprise fax protocol. DataPower was implemented as a delivery gateway... more

Telecommunications: Authentication & Authorization

The goal of this project was to design and implement a solution to support secure PBR Web Services within the client's Testing Network... more

Telecommunications: Federated Identity Management

The goal of this project was to implement federated identity management for incoming Service Provider calls... more

Diversified Retail: DataPower Gateway

With this project, the iSOA Group team implemented three use cases based on Web Service transformations, dynamic routing, auditing and logging, Digital Certificates, and the encryption/decryption of requests and responses... more

Specialty Retail: Secure On-line Transactions

iSOA Group implemented DataPower to translate incoming HTTP-SOAP calls to ODBC calls on a DB2 database. Digital Certificates and authentication using LDAP were used for authentication and SSL was used for transport level security... more

IT Risk Management: DataPower Mentoring

iSOA Group consultants are sought after experts in DataPower and the full WebSphere suite of products. This project describes mentoring provided to an IT Risk Management client of ours... more

iSOA Group's LifeCycle Solutions coordinates and consolidates the usage and implementation of Data Power appliances

The DataPower LifeCycle Solutions is designed to optimize customers DataPower environments resulting in greater efficiency, and optimal configurations resulting in cohesiveness across all applications and appliances... more