StandUP Services

Success for your integration technology investment starts with matching your necessary technology solutions to your unique business environment. iSOA Group StandUP services can assure your success by integrating your IT deployments with the constant need to support and grow your business’s bottom line.

iSOA Group consultants bring their vast experience with customers as well as their certified excellence to your technology deployment, assuring:

The right team and deployment plan: We will match the proper solution to your individual requirements. By understanding all the key members and necessary technical requirements (for example, security or networking) we constantly provide successful deployments on time and on budget.
Best practices: The iSOA team has done it right before. We bring the best practices, which are real-world tried and tested, to your deployment. By starting with the best approach, you save valuable time and effort, and increase the long-term value of your integration technology solutions.
Documented procedures: StandUP deployments from iSOA Group stand out and help ensure that you have the documented processes and procedures for operating the technology based on your organization’s needs, unique environment and individual requirements.

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  • DataPower StandUP Services
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iSOA Group, your IBM Middleware expert on-call

Congratulations on your wise choice to purchase and deploy IBM Middleware. Whether it’s your first time to deploy IBM DataPower, IBM Integration Bus, IBM WebSphere App Server, or IBM MQSeries or even if you have a seasoned team managing your deployment, you may still face challenges:

• Staying up-to-date with new software and firmware release levels and features.
• Retaining and retraining your staff’s expertise for the next I/T project.
• Leveraging ALL the capabilities of the IBM solutions for your company.
• Implementing best practices for deployment, management and customization.
• Investigating expansion to support APIs, mobile and IoT integration.

As your trusted advisors, iSOA Group is proud to offer OnDemand Services (ODS), to help assure your success. iSOA Group’s Middleware expertise -- specific to your infrastructure, your project, your situation -- is on-call when you need it.

iSOA Group OnDemand Services provides you unscheduled, informal, technical "how-to" advice and collaboration with our expert consultants, conducted in a non-time-critical context. We offer these services via a simple “time and materials” contract that you establish with us one time, at a minimum of four hours per month. You may cancel it without penalty with one month’s notice during the delivery term.

Be sure to read CTO Bryon Katoaka’s blog post, The view from 40,000 feet, as he continues to find better ways of conveying information and providing solutions to iSOA clients.


Complete WebSphere integration services

Whether you are an IBM® Blue WebSphere® customer exploring cloud services, open source, or a mix of integration solutions, iSOA Group trusted advisors are here to assist you. We can assure that your business will realize the true business value to be gained from our expert integration solutions and strategies.

Your company may be looking to get the most from your applications, gain greater value from partnerships, and improve and grow your customer base—but without a robust and flexible integrated environment, these realities can be hard to accomplish. iSOA Group integration experts can help ensure a smooth and efficient integration process.

A truly flexible integrated application and systems environment allows your company to quickly and seamlessly respond to the changing demands of the business and technology worlds, both today and tomorrow.

iSOA Group trusted advisors understand the many robust offerings from IBM, including IBM WebSphere MQSeries®, IBM WebSphere Message Broker and IBM WebSphere Portal. Beyond offerings from IBM, we also have Microsoft-certified consultants and professionals who understand the value of other offerings in the marketplace, including open-source technologies, and who can implement those offerings when the value they provide benefits your company.

Let iSOA Group be your trusted integration advisor—and be assured that not only will you gain the most value from your current investments, but you will also build a foundation for future successes.

iSOA Group knows the business value that effective integration can bring. We have completed research with our customers and documented it in a white paper to highlight the business value our customers have found working with the iSOA Group team.

What new opportunities does your business face that an agile integration strategy might advance?


Gain the most business value and ROI from your DataPower investment

iSOA Group knows IBM® WebSphere® DataPower®. Working with more than 35 customers and being an IBM Premier Business Partner for DataPower puts our trusted advisors in a unique position to help your business gain the most value from your DataPower appliances. Whether you have recently purchased DataPower or are looking to leverage more of the capability of your current DataPower deployment, iSOA Group advisors have the knowledge and experience to support your business’ success.

iSOA Group focuses on a four-phased approach for your success with DataPower. Many customers who purchase DataPower do so for a particular capability, such as security or XML parsing—but by leveraging iSOA Group advisors, your team can realize and maximize all of the capabilities of your appliances.

Our Client DataPower project will fall into the four major execution groups as shown below and explained in detail.

Planning/Assessment Phase
An iSOA Group trusted advisor conducts meetings with all key stakeholders, including business users, security/network/administration teams and developer teams. Our experts educate these groups on the capabilities of DataPower appliances, help them gain a consensus on the project requirements with an architecture document and ensure that project plans are well documented and agreed upon.

Implementation/Deployment Phase
During the implementation phase, the tasks planned during the assessment phase will be executed on time and on budget. Implementation efforts will be led by an iSOA trusted advisor who will guide your team through the efficient and effective implementation of the services designed specifically for your business.

Mentoring/Support Phase
Following deployment, in order to assure operational excellence and the continuous value of the deployment, iSOA Group personnel will provide a support/mentoring time-frame in which our expert consultants participate in design discussions and meetings covering DataPower and other WebSphere products. iSOA Group experts will aid in the layout of a robust SOA architecture and governance plan.

Training Phase
This phase provides classroom-style training. Please refer to the next tab labeled “DataPower Training” for more details and sample syllabi for our class-based on-site training.


Our trusted advisors are your expert instructors!

iSOA Group believes your success with IBM® WebSphere® DataPower® requires robust classroom training from trusted advisors who understand the best practices for deploying DataPower, and who are current on the latest firmware and capabilities.

Our classes are developed by iSOA Group personnel. We can bring the class to your site to deliver the most value from training and to ensure that experience reflects your environment’s unique requirements.

As a top DataPower partner from IBM, iSOA Group is not only involved in the testing of firmware releases, but also is an early adopter of new DataPower products such as virtual appliance. Our DataPower involvement assures that we understand the latest technologies and can maintain current content for our training classes. Our curriculum is tailored to your individual needs and is developed in-house so you know it reflects the real world experience of our trusted advisors and the customers they have served.

iSOA Group offers three classes:
Five-day training (H1)
This course is a lab-based, accelerated, five-day course providing a hands-on experience that teaches students how to configure and use DataPower XG45, XI50/XI52 SOA appliances. Students learn how to create DataPower services that validate, secure and route web services. In addition, students learn how to troubleshoot services by using logs, probes, error handlers and service monitors. Completion of this course enables you to begin utilizing DataPower efficiently and effectively.

Three-day developer training (H2)
This course is an advanced, high-intensity, three-day DataPower curriculum that teaches students how to configure advanced features on DataPower XG45, XI50 and X152 SOA appliances. Students learn how to configure advanced integration protocols (SFTP, JMS, MQ and REST interfaces) and how to address unique functional requirements with DataPower extension functions. Completion of this course enables developers to understand the ins and outs of DataPower integration.

Three-day advanced class (H3)
This specially designed, advanced, three-day DataPower course teaches students how to configure advanced features on DataPower XG45, XI50 and X152 SOA appliances. Students learn how to configure advanced integration protocols (SFTP, JMS, MQ and REST interfaces) and how to address unique functional requirements with DataPower extension functions. Completion of this course enables students to achieve the greatest understanding of—and get the most value of—everything DataPower has to offer.