Tame the Anarchy of API’s:
Learn how to deliver solutions for the “Services Oriented API Economy” with iSOA and IBM who will share why the key architectural principles of SOA can help deliver on the business promise of the API Economy.

The iSOA Group team knows that for a company’s IT strategy and technology investments to be successful they must continually adjust current and future investments with their business objectives. This helps tame the “IT Anarchy” by aligning with their choices to create innovation and benefits to the company and not just responding to the hype of the IT industry.

Below is our first Lifecycle Webinar of 2015 focused on Taming the API Management by leveraging SOA skills, IBM technology, and iSOA best practices to accelerate business innovation.

• API Economy & SOA Opportunity
• Tame the Anarchy: iSOA API Management Best Practices
• Wrap Up and Q&A

Why Good Enough Messaging is No Longer Good Enough
We are past the age of “Good Enough Messaging”! Learn more about how to build a trusted Messaging Infrastructure with iSOA and the IBM MQ Appliance 2000 that is the first step for success in the new digital age.

Gartner predicted that over two thirds of all company integration projects will extend beyond the firewall, and that mobile transactions will grow to $534 billion dollars this year.

Learn how success with integration requires a robust messaging infrastructure, with IBM’s MQ Series the gold standard for messaging in today’s modern infrastructure across private cloud, public cloud, and the Internet of Things.

Below is the second in our series of Lifecycle Webinars for 2015, Good Enough Messaging is No Longer Good Enough.

Webinar Agenda:
• IBM MQ: When Good Enough Messaging is Not Good Enough
• What is New with IBM Messaging?
• Introducing iSOA Messaging Business Value Assessment
• Wrap Up and Q&A

IBM Interconnect 2015: Hybrid Cloud Integration Framework with iSOA Group and Monsanto
iSOA Group and Monsanto share how a RESTful and SOAP Integration framework with Cast Iron, DataPower, and MQ is opening the door for mobile and future API management opportunities. (Session 6907: REST Assured: A DataPower Mobile/REST/SOA Solution at Monsanto)

In this session you will learn how Monsanto embarked on its mission to integrate their SOA architecture using DataPower as its gateway for mobile.

You will learn how the iSOA Group team led by Bryon Kataoka and Jon Ward, senior middleware engineer for Monsanto, architected a RESTful and SOAP framework that incorporated REST/JSON, SOAP, OAuth, and CORS to easily pave the way for establishing a secure gateway.

Monsanto extended this strategy by using WebSphere Cast Iron, WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance, and MQ in the SOA architecture.

This hybrid integration framework not only established a hybrid integration framework between local applications and the cloud (Salesforce) but it also has opened the door for mobile as well as future API opportunities.