Here at iSOA Group, we take pride in our comprehensive set of expertise and our distinction as an IBM Premier Business Partner. In order to maximize the potential value of the services we offer, such as accelerated mobile, enterprise integration, security, and more, we insist that our consultants are highly skilled and have vast real-world experience.

We are recognized as an early adopter, trusted expert, and industry leader in IBM® WebSphere® DataPower®—and we have been a speaker at several IBM Impact conferences on the subject. Our consultants have over 35 proven cases of implementing DataPower solutions that have resulted in success for our clients. Beyond implementing our solutions, we offer in-house classroom-style training to pass on our operational knowledge of DataPower to your business IT team, enabling your business to gain the most from its integration investments.

We have applied our expertise within varied industries and numerous customer engagements and are confident that the services we provide will translate into significant ROI for our clients. No matter what industry your business is in, our consultants have tried and tested experience in finding value where others have not. Our clients span a wide range of industries including financial, healthcare and laboratory services, retail, high tech, and the public sector.

Under the IBM WebSphere brand, we are experts in the following areas:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • IBM WebSphere DataPower (both physical and virtual)
  • IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)
  • IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS)
  • IBM Worklight®
  • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron®
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • IBM WebSphere MQSeries®
  • IBM WebSphere Portal (under the IBM Lotus® brand)

Another key area of expertise for us at iSOA Group is our understanding of every stage of a business’s lifecycle. Our LifeCycle offerings are designed to provide value regardless of which stage your business is in. We are experts in creating a mobile business environment, developing and deploying SOA, and implementing enterprise-wide integration solutions. We also offer DataPower training, developed in-house and delivered on-site at your location, to insure that our operational knowledge of your environment is passed on to your operational and IT teams.

With iSOA Group, you are getting a team of professionals who are committed to your company’s success. Our commitment to our customers, tested skills and high level of expertise are what set us apart from our competitors. To learn more about our expertise and how we can help enable your business’ success, please contact us.


iSOA Group is growing and continues to focus on bringing highly skilled professionals together to help companies with their requirements for SOA, integration, security and mobile solutions.

Do you have unique skills? Are you interested in employment or an independent consulting relationship with iSOA Group? Please contact us at careers@isoagroup.com.

iSOA Group, a leader in DataPower, is looking to significantly expand its presence. We're seeking to add full-time, self-starters who will be instrumental in growing our business and sharing in the challenges and rewards. If you have the drive to do what it takes to assist in building a profitable business and have excellent technology, communication and interpersonal skills, then please email your resume to careers@isoagroup.com for opportunities.