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DPAdmin Sample Scripts

DPAdmin not only provides an easy-to-use Interactive Menu Driven Administration tool for various operating systems, but also an extensive Automation Framework with over 50 DataPower API calls from within the script in an easy-to-use XML format. On top of that, DPAdmin provides an XML generator tool so that you don't have to write these build scripts yourself.

We have shown samples of the types of scripts our customers are developing and using on a daily basis using DPAdmin. You can be as creative as you want with the rich API set provided to come up with powerful scripts. We would like to stress the fact that the list shown here is not an extensive list and it uses less than 20% of our API list.

Cluster Deployment

The script shows the deployment of a service to a cluster of multiple DataPower devices or multiple domains within a single device. This is a very good example of how you can use parallel execution support within a DPAdmin script. The script not only deploys the code, but also takes care of applying deployment policy, create checkpoint, flush different types of cache etc. Click here for the script

Single Domain Deployment

The script is a shortened version of the cluster deployment script where we use a single DPAdmin flow to demonstrate a sequential execution script. This type of script is typically directed towards a single device. Click here for the script

Upload Files/Folders

In this script you can see how easy it is to upload a set of files using the copy-file function to multiple devices or using the upload-folder command to upload a local folder recursively, including all the sub directories and files, to a target DataPower folder.
Click here for copy-file sample
Click here for upload-folder sample

WSRR Scripts

As you might already know, DPAdmin can not only be used for running a wide variety of automation tasks, but also WSRR (IBM WebSphere Registry and Repository) commands from within DPAdmin scripts. You can perform most of the commonly used WSRR commands like creation of content (WSDL, XSDs, XMLs etc.) , updating of content and properties, and retrieval. On top of that, the user need not worry about the logistics of connection and can combine both WSRR and DPAdmin commands in one single script. We have some examples of the different types of commands.
Click here for wsrr-create sample
Click here for wsrr-retrieve sample
Click here for wsrr-update sample
Click here for wsrr-update-property sample

Domain Backup and Restore

Some of our customers are also using DPAdmin to back up domains on a regular basis from production and some of the key pre- production servers where DPAdmin scripts are attached to a Scheduler. These backed up z ip files can also be checked into different certain source control systems easily by the scripts. Examples here also show you how you can restore those domains from backup if needed.
Click here for domain-restore sample
Click here for domain-backup sample

Update Firmware

DPAdmin can not only execute Configuration Management Functions, but also a wide variety of Device Management functions and Firmware Update is one of them. Click here for update-firmware sample

Custom ANT script

You can also invoke custom ANT- build XML files as a part of DPAdmin scripts. This support is in place to allow you to combine your regular deployments with DPAdmin scripts. Also, it is possible to execute a DPA dmin script from within an ANT script. Click here for custom-ant-script sample

Error Handling within a Script

DPAdmin supports different types of implicit and explicit error handling within a script when you are executing multiple concurrent flows and commands. On error attribute gives you the ability to skip certain errors and continue with the script. Here is a sample