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iSOA Group's - DPAdmin™ is an administration tool that simplifies DataPower administration and deployment activities. This tool addresses the most common problems expressed by operational staff such as:

"How can I simplify my DataPower deployment while reducing risk and operational costs?"

Built upon a command-line framework, DPAdmin™ helps organize the deployment steps necessary for deploying DataPower and then executes the scripts simultaneously. DPAdmin™ comes with a Web Console to help the administrator create the execution scripts quickly. DPAdmin™ includes historical audits on executed scripts and commands issued. DPAdmin™ is easy to configure, operate and own. The application reduces the operational complexity of the IT environment while cutting costs and risks. Click here to view our brochure.

Benefits of DPAdmin™ to your organization include:

  • Repeatability, accuracy and reliability
  • High-speed deployment using parallel processing
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Complete control of the deployment from the command line
  • Total platform independence
  • Reusable XML scripts across platforms
  • Automated interface
  • Audit and compliance
  • Integration with WebSphere Services Registry and Repository (WSRR)

Features and benefits include:

Automated builds, configuration management and operational support

Supported tasks include backup/restore, import/export and other configuration-related tasks, and also fine-grained tasks such as checkpoint management.

Runtime support and troubleshooting

Supports a variety of health check/operational functions are supported, including debug functions for network and device utilization.

Domain management

Provides visibility into domains and direct domain administration.

File distribution and management

File management functions are available for files and directories on the appliance.

Interactive and scripted modes

Interactive mode: Easy-to-use menu-driven mode for executing various DataPower commands.

Scripted mode: Command line execution of DataPower commands. This mode is mainly used by existing build scripts using ANT and other build deployment tools.

Webc console

DPAdmin™ comes with a web console to assist in creating XML scripts for deployment and configuration management.

IT governance and compliance

Provides execution history for IT governance and compliance.

Choreographed execution

XML interface provided by DPAdmin™ helps in achieving choreographed execution of DataPower commands to a cluster or a single device.

Parallel execution

An automated XML interface provides options to execute multiple DataPower commands in sequence or in parallel, achieving high-speed deployments to a cluster. All the deployments using DPAdmin™ can be executed dynamically with the use of deployment policies.


All the commands executed through DPAdmin™ are captured and stored in a database and are accessible through the web console.

New features - WSRR Integration

DPAdmin™ can now integrate with WSRR to perform actions on your WSRR server during automated deployments. You can perform a wide variety of functions during the DPAdmin deployments with WSRR as shown below.

  • Creating content (WSDL, XSD, Policy, XML, GenericDocument and Generic Object) in WSRR
  • Retrieving content (WSDL, XSD, Policy, XML, GenericDocument and Generic Object) based
    on bsrURI from WSRR
  • Updating properties (Custom and Default) in WSRR
  • Updating content (WSDL, XSD, Policy, XML, GenericDocument and Generic Object) in WSRR

Using these functions within DPAdmin Automation scripts is as simple as using any other DataPower function provided by DPAdmin. You can make updates to one or more WSRR servers using the same script. Parallel updates are also available using parallel flow option within DPAdmin.