iSOA Integration Solutions

iSOA Group, Inc. is a unique solution provider that focuses on
integration and security solutions that bring real value to businesses.

iSOA Group announces OnDemand Services (ODS), “Expert On-Call” consulting services for IBM® Systems Middleware

Operational Excellence: Realized ROI
For your business to achieve success in today’s world, your technology solutions and purchases must begin and end with a committed return on your business investment. iSOA Group can help assure your success in day-to-day operations by supporting the implementation and operation of key technologies, with proper processes and procedures documented for your business environment.

LifeCycleAssessment: Matching IT to Business Value
Whether you are assessing your current deployment or looking for new solutions, iSOA Group can help you match your integration technology strategy to your business needs. With iSOA’s help, you can make the correct assessment and provide the necessary solutions to achieve business value.

StandUP Deployment: Assured Success
Your business success depends on proper and personal deployment of integration technology. iSOA Group can match your technology deployment to your business’s unique needs with customization that supports your organization’s growth.


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